Should I buy GM MDI if I have Tech 2 already

I have a Tech 2 Scanner in hand, so is it necessary to buy a new GM MDI interface?

I am using Tech 2 off

Here you go

The Future of the Tech 2
The Tech 2 remains an essential tool through at least the 2010 model year. The GM MDI will not support past models when its diagnostic capabilities are introduced. And, the Tech2 will continue to be needed to diagnose all vehicles fromprevious model years. Remote programming with the Tech 2 will continue to be supported for use on all 2007 and previous vehicles.Additional information will be supplied in future.

The new G-M MDI can be used only in the Pass-Thru method. This means you can use it as your programming tool, while your Tech 2/CANdi remains available for diagnostics and other duties.

This is exact paragraph from a sales pitch document for the MDI. I have issues with it, however:

The GM MDI will not support past models when its diagnostic capabilities are introduced.
I’m not sure what this means. The GM MDI WILL clearly support past model years with the tech2win applications. So I’m not sure what this statement actually means. The only thing I can think of is that GM will remove pass thru support at a later date, but since it’s all been cracked already, this shouldn’t matter.

The new G-M MDI can be used only in the Pass-Thru method. This means you can use it as your programming tool, while your Tech 2/CANdi remains available for diagnostics and other duties.
This statement implies that the pass thru method is a bad thing. Considering the tech2win application works perfectly with EVERY function on all GM vehicles as far back as 1996, I don’t understand what this is really saying. It implies that you can’t do diagnostic troubleshooting using pass-thru, when in fact you can.

As far as I can tell from my testing, this is a basic sales pitch in order to encourage people to keep the tech2 as well as purchase a MDI2 unit – both of which are incredibly expensive if purchased legitimately through GM.

In reality, you don’t need a tech2 and a MDI2. An MDI interface is more than enough especially on our older cars like the C5 corvette which GM will unlikely ever release further PCM upgrades for given the fact they were discontinued over 10 years ago.

Xentry DAS & HTT-WIN Star Diagnosis Softwares

Mercedes Star Diagnosis software 2018.12 Version release work with Mercedes SD Connect C4, SD C5 for SCN coding online no error. 2018.12 Mercedes Star Diagnosis come with Xentry DAS HTT-WIN for Mercedes Benz old & new cars till 2018. What’s the difference of HHT-WIN and Xentry and DAS? why choose 2018.12 Mercedes Star Diagnosis software? Check the reasons below.

2018.12 Mercedes Star Diagnosis come with Xentry DAS HTT-WIN on windows 7 32 bit System

2018.12 Xentry diagnosis software is the latest version software available for SCN Coding programming, the software such as Xentry 2017.05, Xentry 2017.09 cannot login for SCN online coding again.
2018.12 Xentry diagnosis software installed win7 32bit system with HHT-WIN software work for old model, some other Xentry diagnosis software with 64 bit NOT includ HHT-WIN software.

HHT-WIN vs Xentry vs DAS:
Xentry took me to DAS, and DAS switched over (automatically) to good old HHT-WIN, again. Guess my 16-year old SUV’s system is a bit ancient in the scheme of Mercedes-Benz technology.

From what I’ve seen:
All MB from late 80’s to 99 = HHT-WIN
All MB from 2001 to 2009 = DAS
All MB from 2010+ = Xentry

The year 2000 is a weird transition period — some MB made in 1999 but the model year is 2000 will be diagnosed from the 38-pin under the hood and thus use HHT-win. Other MB made in early 2000 and sold as a 2000 model will have the OBD port and the SDS will require the OBD cable to diagnosis….and will use DAS.

And then there are orphan cars, like some SLK models — some 2000-2001 SLK require the 38-pin.

I’ve even seen a 2000 E320 that had both 38-pin and OBD port — I could use either port to conduct a full diagnosis. That was funny.

HHT-WIN supports modules on Mercedes vehicles:
HHT-WIN should be able to read all Modules.
Having said that, for Model Years 1990 – 12/1993, the Roadster Soft Top Module has 30 possible fault codes associated with it.
Whereas for Model Years 1/1994 – 1996, the Roadster Soft Top Module has only 11 possible fault codes associated with it.

IMPORTANT: HHT-WIN is updated to 09.2018 Mercedes Star Diagnostic software disk. Software released in 2017 and 2018 doesn’t come with HTT-WIN. But now, it comes again!


mercedes SD Connect Xentry VS DAS VS HTT win Whats the Different Between Xentry DAS & HTT WIN Star Diagnosis Softwares

Tech 2 programmed key fob to 2006 Chevrolet HHR


Steps to program key fob to 2006 Chevrolet HHR with Tech 2 clone:

Install the GM Tech 2 Scan Tool
Turn ON the ignition with the engine OFF
Power On the Scan Tool
Hit Enter
Vehicle identification – Model Year > (9) 2009
Vehicle identification – Product Type > Passenger Car
Vehicle identification – Product Make > (1) Chevrolet
Vehicle identification – Product Line > A
Diagnostics > F6: Body and Accessories
Vehicle identification – Service Categories > Keyless Entry
Body and Accessories > F5: Module Setup
Module Setup > F0: Body Control
Body Control Module > F0: Program Key Fobs
Program Key Fobs > F0: Invalidate all key fobs

How to connect CGDI MB to w164 EIS on bench

Looking for the wiring diagram that CGDI Prog MB connects to w164 EIS on bench? read this post.


my cgdi mb can’t connect to w164 EIS on bench – I have got gateway emulator but need to make proper cable for it, could You help me with wiring diagram ? – I know that aliexpress has got nice kit of cables but can’t wait a month or so for delivery.

I have got XHORSE Power ADAPTER with direct cable for W164, but it doesn’t work with CGDI – I noticed that this adapter doesn’t allow to pass power and data when connected between cgdi and w164 EIS, seems to be useless for CGDI owners for now. That’s why I decided to connect ordinary gateway emulator but need connection diagram to build a cable.

here you go for  wiring diagram that CGDI MB connects to W164


Finally, data gathered with success!!!!

Program 2012 Dodge Caravan FOBIK Key with Autel MaxiSys

How-to: programming a spare FOBIK key to a 2012 Dodge Caravan using the Autel Maxisys diagnostic scanner.

Note: This procedure is applicable to any Chrysler vehicle using a WIN module and FOBIK style key.  Pin Code is required.

Connect Autel MaxiSys with vehicle

Turn on ignition switch


Auto read vehicle information including VIN

Select Diagnostic->Control Unit->Body->WCM/TPMS- Wireless control->Special Function->Program ignition keys or key fobs







This function is to be used when programming a new ignition key or reprogramming an existing.
It will program the WIN functionality along with the Remote Keyless Enter (RKE) functions.
Ignition should be in RNN position while running this function.

Checking for PIN


Autel Maxisys will ask to enter PIN and confirm


Then place a unprogramming ignition key into the ignition. Turn the key to the RUN position and continue.


Programming of ignition Fobik was successful. Continue to program another key, otherwise close the program key procedure. Cycle the ignition key before starting the vehicle.


Test remote control and start vehicle with both keys.


How to erase 35080vp R270 vs. VVDI Prog

Topic: 35080vp read: R270 programmer or VVDI Prog?

What’s the difference between the EPROM chips as listed:

Car year difference:
35080 and 35080v6 are different for example 35080 is in bmw until 2004 and 35080v6 is in newer bmw cars

Data erasing difference:
this eeprom has incremental area which cannot be erased by default.
ETL, xprog, upa are able to erase them by using special way.
M35080, M35080_6 can be erased by upa, xprog and a lot more programmers
On M35080V6 and D80D0WQ you need special programmes like ETL or Codiprog or machines like digiprog, enigma to erase them.
In any case incremental area has to be erased before writing.

How to choose a decent programmer for 35080vp erase:
VVDI Prog: works

review 1:
35080 VP is erase full with vvdi programmer. good luck

review 2:
R270 vp series cip eraser need 5-10 hours

vvdi normal eraser
R270: need luck
review 1: 1-2 hours
R270 OK! Sometimes 1-2 hours.

review2: no luck
Left it 3 days with no luck….
Stopped it myself

review 3: not work
R270 wont do the 35080VP but other it do fine an I do not have blank at the moment

review 4: tried twice
R270 do job very well, sometimes need try for 2 times, because reading stop

review 5: change
for change U also can use 080D0WQ eep

review 6: need pcb rework

R270 can work but the board needs rework.
1- Change the power supply to good quality: 12V 1.5A !
2- Change capacitor :
3- Change resistor:

And to make R270 Auto key programmer better on M35080, please replace the resistor R11 by 200-1K resistor.


Other programmers:
Eraser from work in 3 Sek

Tip: 35080 vp eeprom most equipment struggle erasing different results..
dont think 95080 will work in place of 35080 different characteristics of eeprom.

CGDI Prog BMW adapts F35 N20 ECU Donor via OBD

CGDI Prog BMW adds  “BMW data Modify” function which is used for adapt the ecu donor. Its simple to do.


Engine Model example: BMW F35 N20 engine


1.Read EEPROM Data in engine ECU with CGDI BMW or CG Pro 9S12 programmer

N20 engine physical wiring connection to CG Pro/CGDI BMW



Read and save enginee EEPROM data

2. Go to CGDI BMW software

Select BMW data modify function



Choose engine Type: N20 and Load Data read by CG Pro


3. Manualy enter the VIN and ISN you want and save the new data.


4. Write the new generated data to the engine with Key Programmer CG100 or CGPRO.

Step by Step Guide on Yanhua ACDP Clear BMW EGS ISN

Yanhua Mini ACDP authorize new function on BMW EGS ISN clearing.So here UOBDII want to share this step-by-step guide for you.

Related Contents:

Yanhua Mini ACDP Read BMW MSV80 DME ISN

Yanhua ACDP Mini No Need Soldering BMW DME ISN Code Support List

CGDI BMW EGS ISN Clear and Synchronize Guide

What You Need?

Yanhua ACDP Basic Moduel

Clear EGS ISN Authorization for Yanhua ACDP

EGS module


Step 1:Build Connection between BMW EGS and Yanhua Mini ACDP Programmer.
Note:There are 3 methods,please choose according to your situation.

Connection Method 1:
Connect the 8HP end of the EGS interface board to the EGS module interface

Note:Aim the label point of the 8HP end of the interface board with the label point of the EGS interface during installation.

Short the CAN termination resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the “CAN-R-Join” terminal


Note:Short the jumper cap to the “CAN-R-Join” end according to the marked position.
Connect the ACDP,OBP+ICP adapter,EGS interface board and EGS module


Connection Method 2:
Connect ACDP with vehicle OBDII port


Connection Method 3:

Connect ACDP to EGS interface according below diagram


Step 2:Clear BMW EGS ISN

Run Yanhua ACDP software and enter the menu to select “Clear EGS ISN”

Select “Clear ISN”,or if you have and problem please check the “Help” option



How to choose cloned Nexiq usb link 2 for the best price & high quality

Here, we’re talking about NEXIQ USB Link 2 China clone for good price and quality.

How to choose a good cloned Nexiq usb link 1 or 2 and cables:


All Nexiq have the same functions, but they are produced in different factories. (quality differs)

What’s the difference between Nexiq 1 and 2?

Nexiq 1 is the past, Nexiq 2 is the future.

NEXIQ USB Link 1 is discontinued. no more updates but for most people it will still work just fine.

Nexiq 2 is the current model and has more future potential than what the Nexiq 1 could do.

Cables for each are different so they are not interchangeable. When ordering, you should make sure you get 3 different cables. The standard 6/9 pin y-cable with the green connector on the 9 pin plug so you can communicate to the newer 500k baud network. A standard OBD II cable and an OBD II Cat cable to talk to Caterpillar engines in GM trucks. If you need to communicate to trailer ABS, you will also need a PLC adapter.

Do you recommend wifi or bluetooth?

Both will work off bluetooth but I find bluetooth very slow. It’s faster and easier just to use a cable to connect to the laptop. The cable is a standard USB “printer” cable. I like using a 5 meter cable so I can move the laptop out of the truck is I have to. There are times I’ve used the laptop on the other side of the truck and even under the truck. The long cable makes it easier. Occasionally, I’ll use bluetooth Heavy Duty Truck diagnostic Scanner.

MicroPod 2 can get full “dealer level” capability for all Chrysler (-2018)

This is for those looking for a decent tool works on and flashes all Chrysler vehicles the same level as dealer technician can.

Purpose: Want to have full “dealer level” capability for all Chrysler – Hemi / Cummins / body modules, Ecodiesel, Pentastar 3.6, everything Chrysler / Ram like we do on GM and Ford

Tools used: have Cardaq J2534 device, have used the J2534 program for flashing in the past as well as the J2534 Drewtech toolbox for some skim and vin updates

Issues: Have a few big name scan tools we are able to do a lot of functions but just always end up something we can’t do
For example: 2014 Ram 1500 air suspension, unable to perform the system recharge function for the air ride, although our tools have the bag fill, system test, etc, missing the one function and have to send it to dealer.

Budget: Not afraid of paying for the right stuff, but afraid of paying for less than i need or having issues.

My ideas of devices:

WiTech VCI Pod
WiTech Micropod II
DRB Emulator

pre-2004 not worried about, generic scan tools work well enough for most things
2004-2012 – have good coverage but run into things not able to perform, for instance can do the Quick Learn on RFE transmissions but cannot do the DRIVE LEARN, Drewtech advises against reflashing modules with J2534 software as high failure rate,
2013-up this is where our coverage gets a lot more spotty  – have a lot of WIN modules we replace but have been able to program them with one of our aftermarket tools but only up to 2012, functions like VGT turbocharger relearn, NOX resets, etc

Examples of things had to send to dealer:
2014 Ram 1500 BCM replacement and reflash
2017 Ram 3500 WIN module replacement, push start
2014 Ram 1500 air suspension system recharge
2014 Durango hemi ecm replacement, unable to configure new ecm (probably could have with ecm unlock and hp or something but this was just to flash stock)

Tips and guides:

for 2017 and older:

you can use micropod clone+witech1 (online/offline).(witech activator can help with not registered error)

micropod tests on a 2015 vehicle:

you should use micropod 2 original/hq clone +witech2(online)

micropod tests on a 2018 vehicle:

for vehicle configuration change:

you should have a Dealer Connect account.
for very specific operations:

you should have CDA 5.13/5.14 (for 2010 and older) and CDA 6 for 2011 and newer.

This is for your information.

Micropod 2 clone (item no. Sp271-c1) is the best

The best quality and cost-effective

Work as good as the original, including basic obd2 diagnostic tests and programming:

1) It can be used as diagnostic and programming tool by the dealerships. Replaces your StarMobile, StarScan, and wi-TECH POD,provides world-class diagnostic services to your customers.

2) A separate Tech Authority  Subscription is required to access to Module Re-Flash Programming, TSBs, wiring diagrams, and repair information.